Whatever Works

(“It would be wise to sing very quietly . . .”)

Do you know “Soft Kitty”
from the TV show Big Bang Theory? I admit I did not, but my Google machine came to the rescue.
It all became relevant when an (otherwise sane) adult student of mine admitted she had made up new lyrics to Sheldon’s tune and sang them to herself in her head as she rode:

“Soft shoulders
Gentle fingers
Hold the leather reins
Happy horsie
Quiet horsie
Breathe breathe breathe.”

Who am I to argue? If it soothes her and in turn soothes him, there is no downside.
Several words of caution – it would be wise to sing very quietly if you are in the ring with others. Especially if you ever want to be invited to lunch with them.
Second, while I applaud the sentiments in the lyric, they may not be appropriate for every horse you ride. I can think of a particular warmblood for whom only the hardest core of gangsta rap should be spinning through your head if you would hope to have any chance of convincing him to go to work!