Scores and rampant successes:



Former student, Nita Sanfilippo now in Illinois, on her wonderful Advanced Level eventing TB, Bully, the last score for her Silver Medal (and she won the class.)




Danielle Ammeson with Casino Royale

The story of his recovery from a life-threatening injury

At Fox Lea in April, a pair of 66s in 2nd II.  At Alpha Schooling, 63 and 64% in 2nd Level,


Cara Blanchard Kilbourne a 62+% in the Arabian Region 12 Championships with Steele, winning the Int II. Later in the week also winning the Grand Prix with a similar 62$ score.



And Cara’s young warmblood mare, Fiona




Amy Chenard in her first ever dressage show at Alpha Dressage in May on Bo, a 73% in Intro after Jennifer Marchand had debuted him (also in Intro) with a 76%.



(Below) Vicky Trainer and Angelina

Below: Susan Petrillo on her new acquisition, Disco (awaiting his new barn name), a 14 year old PRE imported from Espagna.

(Below) Kennedy Hawkins on Amy Yount Tittle’s Xerxes

Kim Porter with Thunder at the   CDE in July 2019

At the Orleton Pleasure Driving Show, Fame with Kim and Thunder won the blue in the Carriage Dog class

(Above) Debbie Hubbard (MO) on Sleipnir,


Darlele Eakle

on Annie Boo




Below: Jill Barrera on her Notting Hill (Maks).

Below:  Fran Harris schooling in the cones on Zylana and then on Luxembourg




Gail Redinger (above)  on Forman. 70% in the GP at Spokane over Memorial Day weekend.


Dawn Cucinotta

and Vida.





Below: Karen Abbattista Whim. During last winter’s cold snap, Whim insisted on his flannel jammies for early morning rides.


Liz Hirschland on Rim



Bill long reining Sheila Gibson’s Delsi






Betty Brown on Tijo .

Deb Glover
on Storm, an 11 year old ottb mare



Kathy Channell on  Will. At Fox Lea in April 60% in 3rd I.Gloriana Herrera, my top CR student, with Vampiro. Click for brief vid. (Clearer on small screen than laptop size). At the last CDI of the 2019 Spring season at Wellington they scored 67% in the GP Special even after a 2% deduction for an error of curse.

Below: Chris Cox on her Trakehner gelding

Susannah Marcus Freeman on Alissa Dragstedt’s Donner (below)
Lauren Deneve on her mother’s Elmo, 63% in 3rd I. On Forrest a -22 in Novice HT at Rocking Horse. At Majestic Oaks in Nov, 3rd in the Novice Division, finishing on her -26.4 dressage score, 0.2 points out of 1st.



Jody Harwood on Cindy.

And Jody with her new horse, Jessica Rabbit.




Linus with Isabelle Carlile.

At Sumter i April 63.85 in First 2, 60.15 in First 3.





Below: Elizabeth Woods with Canada King, 










Bill on King





Special memorial thoughts to Four Winds Farm legend Bruce, the French Bulldog, a perennial contender at the North Central Florida Dog Drinking Race. In 2014 he retired the trophy, winning in a close race by three laps!