Alan’s Page


The latest member to join the Four Winds staff is Alan, the French Bulldog puppy, born September 8. Now at 9 months, he weighs in at 20+ pounds and has judged in the booth with Bill already. As you can see, he is not lacking in energy and personality!


Below: Not taking reprimands from his elders too seriously!

Below: Nesting on his toy basket, presumably hoping more will hatch  for Easter.

Below: Constantly vigilant and at the alert!

(Above) Nobody puts Alan in the corner!

(Below) Alan has been corresponding with his look-alike Australian cousin in the Outback and is extremely jealous of his usual mode of transportation.

Alan is taking well to his studies. He is learning prime numbers, the first six digits of pi, and the state capitals. He can recognize when riders are on the wrong diagonal. He is learning to tell if a change is late behind.
He knows not to bother Nils, the ferret who rides in Bill’s hip holster to be released when a horse is too lazy behind in a lesson. Animal lovers, please don’t worry that Nils would harm a horse with his teeth. He carries a tiny red lunge whip for the job.

Aside from learning to respond to Bill’s voice, Alan has begun to speak English words. He already knows Ruth, roof, and rough!


Nils, ready to spring into action!