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My, they DO worry!

(“. . . mysteriously–almost magically . . .”)

I get a lot of nervous, panicky questions from owners about things their horses are doing. “Why did he kick out when I tried to make a flying change?” “He’s playing with the bit. What do I do?” “His neck gets too low in the trot!” Those are three out of dozens which I hear.

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What makes you crazy?

BILL— to a degree, most everything, but my secret pet peeve is when novice riders describe their horses’ random bad behaviors in classical terms. I’m sorry, your nervous, neurotic horse was not piaffing on the trail. He was just anxiously prancing about, most likely in no coherent rhythm.
Nor did he perform a levade, a balanced “crouching,” very collected movement with extreme bending of his hocks. He was just standing on his hind legs. That’s very different!
These are not just semantic disparities. To endow them with classical names doesn’t give credit to the time it takes and the degree of difficulty involved in training those actual movements

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