Where Will the Four Winds Take Bill Next?


Next Exotic Venues On the Ongoing Rolling Thunder World Tour

Let’s hope things shake out to everyone’s advantage in the months ahead! And our masks are finally off!




2 Clinic  Jill Barrera, Odessa, FL

22 Judge at World Equestrian Ctr, Ocala

30 Clinic at Jill Barrera’s, Odessa, FL


5-6 Judge Three Lakes HT, Groveland, FL

13 Clinic for Jill Barrera, Odessa, FL

20 Judge Alpha Dressage, Sarasota, FL

27 New Smyrna clinic


5 Judge South Winds DEA Schooling Show, Tallahassee, FL

13 New Smyrna clinic

19 Judge Southwest Fla Dressage, Ft. Myers, FL

20 Clinic for Jill Barrera, Odessa, FL

27 Judge STRIDE Dressage, Ocala, FL


2 Judging at Rocking Horse HT,  Altoona, FL

23 Judging Area 4H Dressage, Sumter Equest Ctr, Bushnell, FL

24 Clinic at New Smyrna

30 (May 1) Mini Judges Forum at Conyers, GA


7 Judging dressage phase at Barnstaple South, Morriston, FL

8  Clinic at New Smyrna

14-15 Judge Majestic Oaks HT, Reddick, FL

21 Judge NFlaDA Jacksonville, FL

29 Clinic for Jill Barrera, Odessa, FL


4 Judging Ocala Horse Trials at FHP

5 Clinic at New Smyrna

12 Judging POP show at Fla Horse Park, Ocala (TENT)

18 Judging Barnstaple South Ride a Test, Morriston, FL

19 Clinic at New Smyrna

24-25 Clinic for Kim Porter, Ipswich, MA


10 Clinic at New Smyrna

17 Clinic for Jill Barrera, Odessa, FL

24 Judging dressage phase at Barnstaple South, Morriston, FL

31 Clinic at New Smyrna


6-7 Clinic for Kellie Hunter, Iron Jct, MN

13 Judge Majestic Oaks Schooling HT, Reddick, FL

14 Clinic at New Smyrna

20 Judging Harley’s Hollow, Greensboro, FL PPD

20 Judge Southern Lights Dressage, Morriston, FL

26-28 Judge World  Equest Ctr Dressage, Ocala


10 Judging Majestic Oaks Schooling Trials, Reddick FL

18 Clinic at New Smyrna


8 Judge Ocala HT at Fla Horse Park

16 Clinic at New Smyrna

23 Clinic at New Smyrna


6 Clinic at New Smyrna

13 Clinic at New Smyrna


4 Judge Punta Gorda Dressage, FL