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(Click on each title to see the full text) Links to articles written by Bill for USDF’s Connection
Bill says: “Here is a collection of articles I wrote for the USDF over the years. I include them not because I think my words are especially outstanding, but because the ideas expressed by the symposium presenters I was writing about are particularly noteworthy. You can’t go wrong if you ride and train according to these principles and methods.”


Over the years, Bill has created many commercially available, educational videotapes. Some of these may still be obtained through the USDF Office by calling 839-971-2277.

  • Putting Your Horse on the Bit **
  • Leg Yielding **
  • The Official USDF Introduction to Dressage
  • The 1992 National Dressage Symposium; Maj. Anders Lindgren, Eric Lette, 2 volumes.
  • The 1993 National Dressage Symposium; Wolfgang Niggli, Betsy Steiner, 3 volumes.
  • The 1994 National Dressage Symposium; Michael Poulin, Lilo Fore, 3 volumes.
  • The 1995 National Dressage Symposium; Kyra Kyrklund, Anders Lindgren, Eric Lette, 3 volumes.
  • The 1996 National Dressage Symposium; Robert Dover, Jessica Ransehousen, Hilda Gurney, Michael Poulin, 4 volumes.
  • The 1997 National Dressage Symposium; Steffan Peters, Elizabeth McMullen, 3 volumes.
  • The 1998 National Dressage Symposium; Kyra Kyrklund, 3 volumes.
  • The 1999 National Dressage Symposium; Conrad Schumacher, 4 volumes.
  • The 2001 National Dressage Symposium; Isabell Werth, 3 volumes.
  • The 2002 USDF Musical Freestyle Symposium, Jennie Loriston-Clarke, Debbie McDonald, Terri Ciotti-Gallo, 3 volumes.
  • On the Levels, the 1995 AHSA Dressage Tests, 2 volumes.

** produced by Learning Partners, Cohassett, MA

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Kyra on Lateral Movements from the June 1999 Issue

In last month’s article on the “ABC’s”, Kyra Kyrklund discussed displacing the horse’s shoulders laterally — the so called “box turn.” Another of Kyra’s fundamental exercises is the leg yield. In the beginning, she counsels, just be sure you can move the horse sideways. Initially, don’t be over-concerned about which way the horse is looking or if he is on the bit. As the term indicates, your basic goal is to be sure that the horse YIELDS to the LEG. Read More

Underlying Relationships – Kyra’s ABC’s   From the May 1999 issue of Connections      

With each horse that Kyra Kyrklund rides or instructs from the ground, she has a set of expectations the horse ought to fulfill – reactions she expects from him in response to individual basic aids. Without these proper responses, it is unreasonable to think that more complicated combinations of aids will work the way they are designed to. Kyra calls the test of these basic aids her “ABC”s. Understand that whether the horse’s obedience to these aids needs to be reinforced is immediately evident to a rider like Kyra as soon as she gets on. If you are less experienced, you may need to go through the whole routine more often, as much asking your horse the questions to observe his reactions, not just to reinforce his responses. Read More