Yeah, and a loaf of bread used to cost a nickel


(“In 1973, I was aghast at the check I had to write.”)

Nostalgia time – I, the ultimate pack rat, came across an old, old Miller’s catalog in a box of random detritus from my youth. Millers, you may remember, and Kauffmans long pre-dated Dover Saddlery, Stateline Tack, and SmartPak. No trip to NYC was complete without a hike down Fifth Avenue to E 24th Street to marvel at the wonders which are so much more easily obtained nowadays with a few clicks of a mouse.

Paging through the catalog (which appears to have been nibbled around its edges by a hungry critter) I find
Ladies custom riding boots from $87.50 to the high price of $102.50
Marlborough riding boots $27.50 ($29.50 for men)
Aside from all the regular breeches in the $22 to $45 price range, the mention of a miracle 2 way stretch fabric (still with voluminous pegs reminiscent of tail fins on a ’60 Fleetwood. 4 way stretch had not yet been invented.)

English Weymouth bridle $49.50
Passier dressage saddle $210
Stubben Tristan dressage saddle $215
Kieffer dressage saddle $225
Hermes jumping saddle $300 ($328 with fittings)
Baker blanket – maximum $37 for an 80 inch one

Recently an eventing student of mine was lamenting the size of the check she had to write to enter a novice level Horse Trials. $325 not counting the stabling. In 1973 I was equally aghast at the check I had to write for a recognized training level event– 25 bucks!