This is off Facebook from Dressage at Devon. What should I think about it? [photo attached]


Begin by holding your head in both hands, letting out a good vibrato Munch, and saying a brief prayer of forgiveness for the person who posted this travesty on-line. This isn’t the first time a suckographic image has been held up as desirable. The old Dressage magazine ran an Absorbine™ ad for years which showed much the same egregious faults, so clearly they must be appealing to somebody.

This ought to be one of those “find all the things that don’t belong here, kids!” kind of puzzles.

Start with the total lack of parallelism— in extension the cannon bones of the fore and hind limbs should be parallel at their maximum reach. Here the horse is throwing his front leg and totally failing to engage behind.

Then add in a cramped, cranked neck with the poll deep and the nose behind the vertical. Hang on the curb rein and top it all off with a thrashing propeller tail. . . and you’ve created a picture to lead the unwary far astray.

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