Bill’s Favorite Pix

These are all photos which Bill has taken and which he likes as compositions, not just reminders of favorite times or places.  From top left they are:

  1. At Arches National Park, Moab, UT
  2. The Headlands at Highland Light, Truro, MA. (The specks on the beach are people!)
  3. The Swan Mts at dusk, Bigfork, MT
  4. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa Bay, FL
  5. Early morning sentries, Oldsmar, FL
  6. Dead Live Oak, Summerfield, FL
  7. Clouds, Ocala, FL
  8. Space Needle at Seattle reflected in a glass sculpture by Dale Chihuly
  9. Needles Point Overlook at sunset, Moab, UT
  10. The beach at Siesta Key near Sarasota, FL
  11. The tundra at 12,500′ on the Fourth of July, Rocky Mts National Park, near Estes Park, CO