Bill’s Favorite Photoshops

Hover over each picture for the caption. Click on it to enlarge.

  1. I always feel I’m being watched.
  2. The Bill, the Bad, and the Ugly
  3. Avoid distracted driving
  4. School at every opportunity
  5. Let us adore Bruce
  6. Award ceremony at her Century Ride
  7. Sleeping late with a friend
  8. Walking her pets on the beach
  9. The End is Near
  10. Lt(jg) Woods at the helm
  11. Pope and Cardinal
  12. Laura and Kasper illuminated
  13. Before and After at Walmart
  14. Landbridge on I-75
  15. Mexican Petunia
  16. Chivalry lives
  17. Oldenburg invasion
  18. Susan tracking my travels
  19. A post-Gingrich world
  20. Resolution
  21. Skyway strings
  22. Tempted
  23. The quartet
  24. Tilt-a-Squirrel
  25. What to do when Row 10 has no window
  26. Bruce weightless. Anything to make him happy.