Susan’s Recommendations

Susan Recommends More Reading: 

About dressage:

  • Riding Towards the Light – Paul Belasik
  • My Horses, My Teachers – Alois Podhajsky
  • Reflections on the Equestrian Art – Nuno Oliveira
  • Dressage Unscrambled – Bill Woods (Susan didn’ t really recommend this, but ever the supportive spouse, she didn’ t not recommend it.)

About horses and other four-leggeds:-

  • When Elephants Weep
    – Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason
  • Animals as Teachers and Healers
    – Susan McElroy Chernak

Other important stuff:

  • Memories, Dreams and Reflections – Carl Jung
  • Energy Anatomy (audio tapes) – Carolyn Myss
  • Dance of the Four Winds – Alberto Villoldo 
  • The Inferno – Dante – Robert Pinsky translation 1994
  • Team Rodent – Carl Hiassen, also Double Whammy
  • Secrets of the Talking Jaguar – Martin Prechtel
  • Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth – Sandra Ingerman
  • Modoc – Ralph Helfner
  • Messages from Water – Masura Emoto
  • Mirage—Cynthia Barnett
  • Chinatown—Roman Polansky, Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway

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