Scores and rampant successes:

Courtney Varney on Tess– USDF All Breeds Arabian Horse of the Year at Grand Prix for 2018

Carmen Hanson on Fiona– 5th in First Level Test 3 at the Region 3 Finals with 66.9%. In January at Ft. Myers, 65.9 in 1st 3 and 65.1 in 2nd 1. In February at Wellington first place and a 72.5% in Open First Level test 3.



Below: Jill Barrera on Ellen Merkle’s Notting Hill (Maks).

Below:  Fran Harris schooling in the cones on Zylana and then on her new project, Luxembourg



Gail Redinger at the Region 6 Finals– Formancier was 2nd in the I-1 Freestyle Championships with 71.4% and 2nd in I-1 with 70.8%. AND The USDF Final Year-End Awards Standings are in and her boys did pretty well for themselves. Both Formancier and Don Ferro are in the top 10 for Dressage Horse of the Year. Formanancier: Intermediate I, 8th place. Vintage Cup, 1st place, All-Breeds KWPN 1st place. USDF Region 6 Reserve Champion for both Intermediate I and the I-1 Freestyle. Don Ferro: 2nd level, 7th place. Vintage Cup, 2nd place All-Breeds Oldenburg 1st place, FEI Five year old, 8th place. Jameson: Training level KWPN Vintage cup 1st place.




Dawn Cucinotta and Vida.





Below: Karen Abbattista schooling Betty Brown’s Dali and on Erin Houck-Toll’s Friesian, Daegan



Liz Hirschland





Nita Sanfilippo with Bully (below), began their 2019 eventing season with a win in the Intermediate Rider division at Rocking Horse in January, finishing on their dressage score. In February, they followed that with a 7th place finish in the Advanced division.

Betty Brown on Tijo .

Deb Glover
on Judge, a student’s horse



Kathy Channell on her younger horse, Will.       Gloriana Herrera, my top CR student, with Vampiro. Click for brief vid. (Clearer on small screen than laptop size)

Susannah Marcus Freeman on Alissa Dragstedt’s Donner (below)


Lauren Deneve on her mother’s Elmo at Grand Oaks in January. Scores in 1st Level: 67 and 68%




Jody Harwood on Cindy. At Grand Oaks in 1st Level: 67.78, 2nd Level: 63.78.






Wynter Harrison for Tina Waters on Lando, 60.95 in 2nd Level 3





Linus with Isabelle Carlile.





Below: Elizabeth Waller with her new acquisition, King, At their first ever show together, STRIDE, they were Training Level Reserve Champion with 61.9%








Dressage, as you know, is an equal opportunity sport. Below are Robin Churchill on her Norwegian Fjord, Magnus, and Sheila Gibson on her Clydesdale stallion, Doc.

Special memorial thoughts to Four Winds Farm legend Bruce, the French Bulldog, a perennial contender at the North Central Florida Dog Drinking Race. In 2014 he retired the trophy, winning in a close race by three laps!