Scores and rampant successes:

Alesia Bischoff on River at Suncoast– 66.9 and 62.4 in 3rd 3 and 4th 1.

Cami Topham and Eli at STRIDE in October– 60+% in the PSG .

Cara Blanchard Kilbourne on SoHos Southwind: In September at the Arabian Sport Horse Nationals in Raleigh for the PSG and I-1 Championships–top ten in all his classes, 4th and 5th in everything out of 21-25 horses.

Gail Redinger in the 2017 USDF Final awards standing!  Don Ferro is 3rd place in Materiale Horse of the year, 82%.  And 4th place with USEF Four-year-old, 7.86.  For the Vintage Cup Formancier placed 1st for 4th level, 69.9% and 3rd for PSG, 68.6%, where RF LimeLight placed 7th with 66.5%.  RF LImeLight is the USDF all-breeds PSG Reserve Champion with RSPI registry.

Courtney Varney on Tess– 65.8% in the Grand Prix Freestyle at Canterbury in November.

Deb King with Quincy– 61 and 66 %s in First 2 and 3 at Fox Lea.  At Suncoast 4 scores in the 60s, 2 of which were above 64.5. Back at the late August Fox Lea show 4 more scores in the 62-64 range at 1st Level 2 and 3.

Susan Mori with 65% successes at Fox Lea in 2nd Level.



Sheila Gibson on her Clyde stallion, Doc, at STRIDE for Halloween in Training Level, 68 and 69%s.

At Alpha in October, Betty Brown’s Dali with Jamie Ashley riding. scored in the 63-65% range at Third Level 1. Dali had been out of competition — great to see him back!

Gloriana Herrera, my top CR student, with 70+% in 3rd 3 and 67% in 4th 1 in San Jose. Two other students, Scarlett with a 69% in 3rd 1 both days, and Lalo on the Friesian stallion with 70+% in 1st 3. All from an FEI judge. In the June show at La Carana nice scores for most of my clinic stdents. Below: Sergio Quesada with a 65 in his first ever freestyle. The horse a PRE stallion, Tango AG. More good reports from Costa Rica: Gogi and Vampiro moving up to 4th 2 with scores of 66 and 70 from a Dutch International judge.




Special memorial thoughts to Four Winds Farm legend Bruce, the French Bulldog, a perennial contender at the North Central Florida Dog Drinking Race. In 2014 he retired the trophy, winning in a close race by three laps!