Scores and rampant successes:

White Arabian Division

Cara Blanchard Kilbourne on SoHos Southwind: at the Arabian Thanksgiving show in Tampa won PSG & I1 on Saturday with a 64.6 in both. Sunday 2nd in PSG with a 65.39and 1st in I1 with 66.18. That makes him USEF HOTY Region 12 Champ and USEF Horse of the Year Arabian National Champion FEI Combined Levels

Courtney Varney on Tess– 65.8% in the Grand Prix Freestyle at Canterbury in November.  In December at JAX a 67.2 in the GP F/S. Zinderella, her Swedish mare, 73.7 in 3rd 3.  On Sunday67.7% in  the GP. Zindy in her first 4th 1, a 72.4%. Part of their freestyle here

All Others Division


Cami Topham and Eli at STRIDE in October– 60+% in the PSG .  At right: schooling at home.


Alesia Bischoff on River at Suncoast– 66.9 and 62.4 in 3rd 3 and 4th 1.

Laura Herndon, first time on her newest ride, Denali, who is lent by Reese Koffler of Lexington, KY.



Below: Bill teaching Ellen Merkle’s Maks to long rein. Maks is trained by Jill Barrera.

Below: back in serious work, Fran Harris and her Zylana.

Gail Redinger in the 2017 USDF Final awards standing!  Don Ferro is 3rd place in Materiale Horse of the year, 82%.  And 4th place with USEF Four-year-old, 7.86.  For the Vintage Cup Formancier placed 1st for 4th level, 69.9% and 3rd for PSG, 68.6%, where RF LimeLight placed 7th with 66.5%.  RF LImeLight is the USDF all-breeds PSG Reserve Champion with RSPI registry. And congratulations on the purchase of a new 4 year old mare, Fashion Hit, sister to Gail’s Formancier. She is shown below as a 3 year old.

Deb King with Quincy– 61.2% in her maiden 2nd Level test at Alpha in January.


Nita Sanfilippo with Bully, preparing for their first Advanced Division HT later this winter.


Susan Mori with 65% successes at Fox Lea in 2nd Level.

Betty Brown on Tijo at the December Alpha show, 61.5% in First 1.


Kathy Channell on Ollie at Alpha, 61.9 in First 3.  At left, Kathy on her younger horse, Will. At Alpha in January they scored 64.7% in First 3.



At Alpha in October, Betty Brown’s Dali with Jamie Ashley riding. scored in the 63-65% range at Third Level 1. Dali had been out of competition — great to see him back!

Gloriana Herrera, my top CR student, with a 65.8% from Hilda Gurney in Vampiro’s first PSG.  Here schooling with me in December. Click for brief vid. (Clearer on small screen than laptop size)

Below: Sergio Quesada with the coming-four-year-old PRE stallion, Camborio

Susannah Marcus Freeman on Alissa Dragstedt’s Donner (below)


Special memorial thoughts to Four Winds Farm legend Bruce, the French Bulldog, a perennial contender at the North Central Florida Dog Drinking Race. In 2014 he retired the trophy, winning in a close race by three laps!