Scores and rampant successes:


Cara Blanchard Kilbourne on SoHos Southwind: at the Arabian Show at Canterbury in June  — his very first Grand Prix with a score of 62% which earned her the last score she needed for her USDF GOLD MEDAL!



Courtney Varney on Tess– 65.4 in the GP at Canterbury in February.

Liz Hirschland and Rim: 69.8 in 2nd1 and 68.6% in 3rd1 at C&M Farm,  Pocotella.

Below: Jill Barrera on Ellen Merkle’s Notting Hill (Maks).  At the Sun Burn Classic in June, a 61.1 and 63.1 in Fourth 2.


Below:  Fran Harris and her Zylana.



Gail Redinger at the Spokane Sport Horse Farm July dressage show, both 8 yr. olds, Forman and Leto, shone in the FEI. Formancier was high point Champion with a high score of 71.9% at PSG. RF LimeLight was reserve Champion with a high score of 68.6% in his debut at Intermediate I.
Five year old Don Ferro was the high point Champion for Second level with a high score of 74.3% and 4 year old Jameson was the reserve Champion for Training level with a high score of 72.9%. Forman is shown above in this June’s Idaho clinic with George Williams.


Dawn Cucinotta and Vida.






Deb King with Quincy– at Suncoast’s Sun Burn Classic in June scoring 4 times above 60% in Second Level 1/2 including a 62.9 and a 63%.




Nita Sanfilippo with Bully,  making her Queenly recognized dressage show debut at Canterbury in April: four scores  between 71 and 75% in First Level 3/Second Level 3 to complete 2/3 of her Bronze Medal requirement. At Canterbury in June on their first time out at Third Level, 66.8 and 63.6. One more show/judge at Third to earn her Bronze. And THAT was achieved at Grand Oaks in June with a 70+%!




In July, Nita and Bully placed 6th in the Open Intermediate Division at the Champagne Run at the Park HT in Lexington, KY. At Millbrook, NY, in August they ran their first Advanced HT finishing a very respectable 14th out of 47 entries.

Betty Brown on Tijo at the February Alpha show, 69.6 and 66.7% in First Level1 and 2.. In April, 65+ in First 1 and 62+ in First 2.


Kathy Channell on Ollie at Alpha, 61.9 in First 3.  At left, Kathy on her younger horse, Will. At Alpha in January they scored 64.7% in First 3.




Gloriana Herrera
, my top CR student, with Vampiro has qualified for the 2018 Central American Caribbean Games to be held in Columbia in August. It is not yet known if Costa Rica will send a team. Here is Gogi schooling with me in December. Click for brief vid. (Clearer on small screen than laptop size)

Susannah Marcus Freeman on Alissa Dragstedt’s Donner (below)

Lauren Deneve with her coming 4 year old Cleveland Bay cross stallion, Forrest.






Deb Kane on Jet, her TB stallion.




Jody Harwood schooling Cindy.






And yes, here’s Linus with Isabelle Carlile. At Sumter in March the mighty (ornery)pony scored  64.3 and 60% in First Level 1 and 2.



Below: Elizabeth Waller with her new acquisition, King









Special memorial thoughts to Four Winds Farm legend Bruce, the French Bulldog, a perennial contender at the North Central Florida Dog Drinking Race. In 2014 he retired the trophy, winning in a close race by three laps!