How is Susan continued

From Bill–

As many of you know, Susan, my dear friend for over 44 years and my wife for the past 33, was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s/Dementia in 2013. I have been her caregiver since then,

but her deteriorating condition has pushed us to place her in an assisted living facility where her needs can beĀ  served more comprehensively than I can manage at home. She will be nearby in Ocala where her friends and I can be with her often.

I can’t express how grateful I am to many of you for the patience and kindness and love you’ve shown to us.

If there is any upside, it means I will be able to resume the teaching schedule which I had curtailed as well as the clinic and judging invitations I had to forego while all this played out. Of course, I will still be spending lots of time with Susan, but I look forward to being out and about the country and seeing many of you with your horses.