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What about protective wraps for your horse?

Many more people wrap their horses than need to. Some sort of protection is in order if your horse tends to hit himself. There’s no point in risking him getting hurt if he’s prone forge or interfere. But lots of people wrap just because they think they should. In the heat of a Florida summer when bandages inhibit your horse’s ability to shed BTUs from the blood vessels which lie so close to the surface, it doesn’t make much sense. Nor is it a good idea in wet or muddy conditions when absorbent wraps make your poor horse carry that much more weight around as he works.

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Is riding my horse two times a week enough for her?

If I did not know what horse you are talking about, this would be a difficult question to answer. The first matter to address is “Are you being fair to the horse?” If she has very limited turnout with no opportunity to exercise then she deserves to have more than two chances a week to get some attention. Whether it’s you or someone else, whether it’s riding or lungeing or grooming or handling, that doesn’t really matter. It’s not keeping her cooped up that’s important.

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If extensions are “above the level,” shouldn’t they get penalized when done in First Level tests?

This is an interesting question because it speaks to how various movements relate to each other. Whatever figure or movement is being performed, the rider’s first job is to ensure that the basic principles of dressage are honored. This is the Training Pyramid stuff and the qualities enumerated in the Collective Marks. Beyond this, each movement has a set of criteria which should be fulfilled – these are listed in the first part of the Dressage section of the rulebook with fairly elaborate descriptions of each one.

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